Social & Community Services

Getting out and about to have fun & build skills for life!

If you’re looking for activities to do, we’ve got loads to offer.

Whether it is social groups, centre or community based activities and programs or personal individual supports, Brightside Healthcare will make sure you’re always happy, learning and building the best version of you.

At Brightside Healthcare, you can pick and choose programs based on your interests and hobbies, you can decide to learn a new set of skills to build independence or we can help you focus on individualised tasks you wish to grow confident in.

Programs and activities include

Community outings such as visiting art galleries, museums, local attractions, events and festivals
Skills for Life such as Road Safety, Following a Recipe, Planning a Menu, Budgeting or Numeracy
Skills for Independence such as Cleaning, Shopping, Banking and Yard Maintenance
Virtual programs such as Virtual Trivia or Virtual Fitness
Gatherings with friends and family
Fishing with friends and family
Science and technology
Music and movement
Arts and craft
Sport and fitness

Understanding Social & Community Services

At Brightside Healthcare, the participants wants and needs come first, if you cannot find an Activity listed that best suits your goals, our friendly management team will endeavour to create the program specifically for you, so you can get back to smashing the goals you’ve been wanting to achieve.

Centre-based activities are set within a physical location, group-based activities are set in the community. You may access a Brightside Healthcare location for centre-based activities or head out and explore your local community for dance classes, sailing, music classes or just to head to the park to hang with your mates. These supports are charged as either centre-based or community access under the NDIS price guide.

You can utilise NDIS funding from the following support categories to access disability services with Brightside Healthcare;

  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation – Core
  • Increased Social and Community Participation – Capacity
  • We can operate under a Fee for Service agreement

Let Brightside Healthcare help you with your Social & Community needs.

Please use the form provided if you want to speak to us about any activities listed or otherwise. A Brightside Healthcare Team member will contact you as soon as we receive your enquiry.