Complaints, Compliments or Suggestions

At Brightside Healthcare we understand that not everybody has a great day every day, whilst we strive to conduct ourselves in the manner which best reflects our vision whilst engaging with the wider community, we understand that at times we may unknowingly upset the very people we aim to care for.

Brightside Healthcare takes Feedback very seriously and you will always hear back from us if you ask to be contacted, if you are a Participant, Family to a Participant, Stakeholder, Business Partner or a member of the general public and wish to make a complaint, leave a compliment, offer a suggestion or just want to provide general feedback, we would love to hear from you.

Brightside Healthcare will treat your personal information with the utmost respect, we do not require any mandatory information to be provided apart from a form of contact in the event you choose to be contacted by us. You can provide as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with.

Brightside Healthcare endeavours to respond to all feedback in a timely and transparent way which is in line with our Policy and Procedures, and the requirements of the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework.

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