About Us

What is Brightside Healthcare about

Brightside Healthcare is a Sydney based disability support services provider. Focusing on intellectual, physical & sensory disabilities including mental health within the greater Sydney region, we strive to assist our participants in leading an independent and fulfilling life.

At Brightside Healthcare we aim to improve the lives of Participants who have been affected with disability by providing services which best promote the continuation of daily life within the immediate & greater community.

The services we provide have a focus on improving all aspects of a participant’s life, the results being an easier, fairer, inclusive and enriched lifestyle through the medium of high quality supports.

Brightside Healthcare was established with the sole intent of adopting the mentality of going “Above & Beyond” when it comes to the livelihood of participants.

Brightside Healthcare understands that disability must be approached from multiple fronts, whilst we aim to provide a life full of opportunity, independence and control by building individual skillsets, it is also equally as important to build upon the fundamentals of stability which encompass a safe living environment, basic life skills and the creation of meaningful relationships.

Brightside Healthcare takes pride in every individual participant. Our top priority is you, the operation of Brightside Healthcare is dictated by your choice, needs, goals and aspirations. We provide an environment that preserves your dignity, is safe and free of discrimination so you are best positioned to journey through a life of your choosing.

Participant confidentiality is something we take very seriously. Strict procedures to safeguard your privacy are implemented into the core of Brightside Healthcare. It is imperative that our service is distinguishable, and thus we take pride in only employing the most highly trained staff who are dependable, responsible and empathetic towards every participant’s unique circumstance.

Values Statement


We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality.


We respect individual decisions, opinions and views.


We are trustworthy and will always see through our promises.


We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

Positive Environment

We provide a workplace that trains, supports, guides and maintains a culture of acceptance to staff and participants.


We believe that communication is key to exceptional service delivery and thus will never leave participants lacking information.


We recognise and value the importance of confidentiality, thus we will always protect, safeguard and maintain our participants information.


We provide a service that will place the needs of our participants at the forefront of all decisions, creating a smile through every interaction.

Personal Growth & Development

We will commit all resources to improving the livelihood of participants, the outcome being a more fulfilled lifestyle with new skills to share with friends and family.


We surround our participants with staff who take pride in work ethics. All members of staff are passionate about participant goals and leaving a positive mark in the lives of every individual they interact with.

Vision Statement

To become innovators who are dependable and trusted leaders in the delivery of disability support services.

Mission Statement

To create positive change which improves and refines the methodology by which services are delivered to participants, making us synonyms with trust and dependability.

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